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  • 1) How do I know my Mandarin level?
    If you are a total beginner, start from Mandarin Time Level 1 Courses, it equals to HSK Level 1. If you have just passed a HSK test, you shall start from the next level; Eg: You just passed HSK Level 1, you can start from Mandarin Time Level 2, as Mandarin Time levels equal to current HSK levels. If you have learnt Mandarin but have not yet taken any HSK test, pls Take a Placement Test here.
  • 2) Where can I have free trials?
    We have chose 1 random chapter out of each course as free trial. You can then see the Learning Flow in each chapter, each course has 32 to 64 chapters, to see the full topics, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 1 Course, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 2 Course, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 3 Course, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 4 Course, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 5 Course, click here. If you would like to try Mandarin Time Level 6 Course, click here.
  • 3) Can I download the video lessons in the subscription?
    No, they are not downloadable due to IP rights, but you will have unlimited access to the videos and all the other course content during your subscription periods. The quizzes and several other learning materials are free for downloading in the Self-Paced Course.
  • 5) Can I subscribe the same course again after it expires? Can the fee be waived?
    Each subscriptipn is valid for certain period of time, you can subscribe it again after your subscription expires. For example, you subscribed to Level 1 Courses, after 6 months you find that you still need more review time, there are 2 ways: 1) Subscribe to the Annual Subscription, it gives you access to ALL COURSES of ALL LEVELS, so you can save your budget this way if you can learn multiple levels in 1 year's time, it is also the most popular package for our subscribers. 2) Keep on subscribing to the same level again. To view the plans, click here.
  • 1) Do I need to join the Online Group Classes?
    The Online Group Class is 100% optional. With Self-Paced Course, you can reach fluency from a complete beginner without a teacher-led class, as we teach you listening, speaking, reading and writing of all Mandarin levels with clear illustrated video lessons, AI exercises, chapter to chapter Quiz and Supplementary conents, all done by professional Mandarin teachers. We only recommend students with the following needs/goals to join the group class: 1) Students who want to pass HSK tests; 2) Students who need extra help from a teacher or who are used to learn in Teacher-led classes; 3) Students who learn Mandarin to travel in China for leisure/business soon, generally for students who would like to have more interactive practices.
  • 2) Class Size and Class time? Why?
    Each class is maximum 8, minimum 2 students. When a class has 2-4 students, each lesson is 45mins; When a class has 5-8 students, each lesson is 60mins; The reason being: This is a Practice based group class, each class our teachers will make sure every student gets fair chance for practice, with more students in a class we would need more time to finish a lesson; With 2-4 students, 45mins can finish 1 lesson, and with 5-8 students, 60 mins is needed.
  • 3) Can I have a free trial for the Group Class?
    As different number of students will affect the class time and several trial students in one class will also affect other students' class experience, hope you can understand that we don't offer free trial in a group class setting. but we have recorded a 20mins' demo class for each level for you to see how we teach, click here to see the Free Group Class Demos.
  • 4) Can I change to another group after my group starts?
    As all Online Group students are subscribers of the corresponding Self-Paced course, students sign up their Online Group Class based on their level, so it is very rare that a student finds the level not suitable. In the rare case that you find the group you are in is not suitable, and would like to change to another group, please write us an email or chat with us 1 week in advance, we will arrange it upon availability. Please be kindly notified that only 1 change each course is available. We will charge a 30 Euro Administration Fee for any further request each course.
  • 5) I have to miss one class, can I have a free make-up class or any tuition refund?"
    Sorry, we cannot arrange free make up class for group classes, and no refund of tuition could be arranged if you miss a class, hope you can understand.
  • 6) What shall I do if I find a classmate not in the right level?
    This can happen, cause students choose the Group class of their level to join on their own, and not always every students have the same foundation or same amount of time putting in the pre-class preparation. In the first 3 classes, teacher will notify Service Team which students in their class should join the next starting date /another course if the student/students stuggle to follow the class or simply joined the wrong level, in this case, Service Team will follow up the corresponding cases individually. If a student appears to not have done his/her pre-study sufficiently as required, the teacher will gently remind them during class, after 3 reminders, the teacher will also notify our Service Team who will reach out to the student individually. You are welcome to give our Service Team feedback also if you have any suggestion to your class.(Chat with us online directly)
  • 7) Can I also join a face-to-face group class of Mandarin Time?
    Yes, we do offer Intensive Group Class, Part-time Group Class and Private Classes for adults on campus, to find the right course for you, click www.
  • 1) What's the difference between MT Levels and HSK Levels?
    Current HSK Level 1 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 1; Current HSK Level 2 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 2; Current HSK Level 3 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 3; Current HSK Level 4 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 4; Current HSK Level 5 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 5; Current HSK Level 6 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 6. New HSK Level 7 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 7; New HSK Level 8 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 8; New HSK Level 9 corresponds to Mandarin Time Level 9; *New HSK Levels(1-6) will be applied by 2024, New HSK Level (7-9) will apply in July, 2021, we will have more updates for you once more information became available.
  • 2) Will I be ready for HSK exam after Self-Paced Course?
    Yes! Each MT level's vocabularies and grammar points 100% cover the syllabus of the corresponding HSK level. On top that, as you can read in the CURRICULUM page, you will learn Practical Conversational Mandarin and Business Chinese on top with Mandarin Time 3-IN-1 Curriculum, the actual vocabularies you will learn each MT level is about 120%-140% of the corresponding HSK syllabus.
  • 1. I have done the Placement test, but I'm not 100% convinced it is my level, how do I make sure that I have subscribed that correct level in the Self-Paced Course?"
    The AI Placement test is a smart test that can test you with 10-30 questions baed on your performance, it usually can help students find the accurate level. If you have doubt about the accuracy, the easiest way to confirm your level is: Go to Self-Paced Course - Free trials Try the 2 levels you are hesitating about, take a look at the vocabulary list of each level after the trial lesson also, this way you can be 100% sure you are subscribing the correct level!
  • 2. The AI Placement test tests my conversational level only, what if my goal is to learn Hanzi only, how do I test my Hanzi level?"
    If you would like to find out your Hanzi level, there are 2 methods: Method 1- Go to Curriculum, go through the Hanzi list of each level, when you see that 60% or more characters of that level you can't read yet, that is your level to start with. Method 2- Go to Self-paced course-Go through each course's Hanzi final test at the end of each course,if 60% of that course's hanzi you can't read, you will have your answer also.
  • 1) Can I refund my subscription after it started?
    We are sorry that we cannot refund a subscription once it started. If there's any feedback about this policy or you would like to talk to us about your special circumstance, please don't hesitate to contact us at
  • 2) Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?
    The subscription is non-transferrable, your accout is linked to your private facebook/google or email account, as well as your payment info, we kindly ask you to keep all the log-in details to yourself. Group class is non-transferrable also.
  • 3) I cannot find my preferred payment method/I have a problem making the payment.
    Please chat with us during our working hours online if you need help with the payment, or leave us a message in the chatbox during our offline hours, we will get back to you within 12hours.
  • 1, I have problem loading video lessons/AI exercises."
    It is usually caused by local issues(Internet stability or Browser issues) as all Mandarin Time videos and AI exercises should be able to play at full speed 24/7 with a stable internet connection. Reloading the page helps almost always, sometimes, restarting your PC would help too. If above actions were taken, and still doesn't work, it should be Browser compatibility issue due to software/computer updates, try Google Chrome and Firefox in this case.
  • 2, What browsers work the best for my online learning on"
    Usually Google Chrome and Firefox users experience the least loading issues due to better stability. Safari users experience the most issues for some reason, we recommed you bookmark on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for undisturbed leaerning experience.
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